Moving Forward

I noticed an email in my old student account containing induction information for this years new and returning students. It is still quite strange to think that university is now over. Education is all I have known since finishing school, I spent 6 years progressing through college and onto university. Which was not smooth sailing, with college mergers, new trial units on courses and finally finding out I am Dyslexic! which answered a few questions that I used to have.

It is hard to make that transition from student to working professional. No matter how many times the tutors will tell you that you have to apply yourself, that the real world is hard and that you have to compete with all the other new graduates. I still was not expecting to feel so lost right now. I have spent all those years studying, I have a degree but truthfully I still cant say what I actually want to do that fits into a “real job”.

I have done a few rounds of job applications since my last day of uni. Changed my CV countless times, forever trying to perfect my portfolio (and I can tell you I feel so happy when I get past the initial CV selection stage) and then get the odd interview. But it can be hard to not give up and to keep trying.

My passion is for art, in particular painting, printmaking and the more tactile mixed media works. That is where my true interest lays. I can use numerous Adobe Creative Suite packages, but truthfully it is to clean and almost cold (don’t get me wrong, it is very satisfying to produce some very sleek and efficient graphics and documents) but the medium I have true connection with are in the Traditional forms.

At the moment I am a bit stuck: working two part time jobs, continuing to do things for the car club which is another strong passion of mine, trying to build this website and set up a page for selling work (which I really need to do as I have so much stuff it has taken over my room when it really should be hanging on a wall with someone to appreciate it) whilst trying to apply for a full time job. So, I have been struggling to find time to actually do art. Honestly the longer I go without doing it, the more daunting the paint, brushes, pencils and paper become. It is time I get strict with myself and make choices, my future is art so I am going to have to start making the time to do it.

So keep a look out for some new pages appearing on this website, some past/present work coming up for sale, and more regular blog posts!

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