Dusting Off Art Materials…

…And actually installed the WordPress app so I can blog away from the laptop (only had the website for 2 years, I should be far more proactive). It is odd blogging from my phone, not sure what to think of it, miss the tapping of the keys.

I can’t speak for other artists but I personally find it quite hard to pick up a pencil after any time away from practicing. I forget that art comes with practice. I look at my old work and get frustrated that I can’t just pick up where I have left off. This in turn makes every future drawing attempt much more daunting.

It’s funny how things go. Since lockdown I have been intending to pick up my pencils and paintbrushes. Instead I have been procrastinating and doing other things like gardening and baking. The latter should be much more scary due to the national flour shortage! I’m slowly trying to perfect scones. I’m happy to potter about with skills that haven’t really been used since secondary school. All to avoid disappointing myself with my rusty art skills.

I have picked up a pencil and broke out some watercolours. It didn’t go as badly as I expected, though it’s still not exactly where I left off! But it’s not just the doing art that makes me feel awkward, I have new art supplies that desperately want using, however I’m too scared to get them open and make a mess (or maybe some art) because I’m so nervous about wasting them… My creative problems.

I will get there, just need to find some confidence and stop being scared to practice… Possibly should start drawing my wonky scones and see what gets better first!

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