During my time studying I lost interest in Photography, doing “the basics” at college sucked the fun out of it. I went from being someone that always had a camera in my hand for fun, to it being a chore and sketchbook “filler”. I’m not proud to say my camera often gathered dust.

Since graduating I have went from living with my parents, to renting a house and now to owning and renovating a house. Both of the latter have meant its hard to do my favored methods of art (painting and printmaking). When living in rented accommodation, there is that ever looming fear of what if you stain or damage something and there goes your deposit! So this made in turn encouraged me to break my camera back out. Currently with the house still in progress I don’t have a dedicated art space yet but I have photographed a lot of the process.

Here are some things that have caught my camera’s attention when working on the house.

Some from a few visits to Culzean

And I cant forget about cars!