Keeping Busy

I only just noticed that it has been over a year since I last updated this.

Where do I start, it has been a busy 13 months. From handing in my resignation from one part time job, to moving out from my parents, then to increasing my hours in my other job and completing an apprenticeship… To now, still working away in retail, have bought a house with my partner and occasionally still trying to be creative when there are those small moments to actually stop and breathe.

Hopefully, with the change from being in a rented house to actually being in our own home will allow for a studio space to develop. I can say apart from lack of free time, there is nothing more hindering to creativity than the fear of getting art materials somewhere I shouldn’t!

Though I will say the lack of being able to get into the messy art materials, it has pushed me back into getting behind my camera. For so long I have really struggled to enjoy being behind the camera, due to some mind numbing photography units at college, I actively avoided using my camera. But now things seem to be moving forward.

I hope in the new year to revamp this site and get more updates. But for now here are some recent pictures from walks and car events. Hope to get some pictures from the house up soon.

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